1. The patient communicates with the International Patient Consultation Team via phone, mail and whatsapp.
  2. The information of the applicant patient gets forwarded to the Consultant physician by our Patient Consultants.
  3. With the information received from the consultant physician, the patient will be contacted and the patient’s medical history and other reports will be requested.
  4. If it is necessary, the Consultant physician will contact the doctors in the patient’s country.
  5. Medical reports and prescriptions gets sent to the physician for detailed opinions and recommendations.
  6. A proforma invoice will be created and sent to the patient with the treatment process and price information by the specialist doctor.
  7. The patient signs the proforma invoice that they accept the treatment and forwards it to the International Sales team.
  8. The International Patient Consultation Team shares the hospital’s approval letter to initiate the Medical visa process.
  9. The patient travels to Turkey with all medical and travel document (including medical visa for treatment)
  10. The patient will be picked up at the airport by the International Transfer Team and get transferred to the hospital.
  11. The International Patient Counselor will greet the patient when they arrive at the hospital and coordinate the appointment with the doctor.
  12. The Consultant Physician will constantly share information with the specialist doctors and patients during the treatment.
  13. We arrange the discharge summary after recovery, medical records from the hospital, and specific instructions for the patient’s doctor in their home country.
  14. After the patient arrives at their own country, they can communicate with the Consultant Physician for any consultation after the surgery.
  15. When necessary, the Consultant doctor arranges a consultation over the phone with the doctor in the patient’s country.